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Virtual PLCs through Microsoft Teams

  • All grade levels and content areas
  • Ways to Join the CREA-Teachers Team:
    1. https://teams.microsoft.com/l/team/19%3a7406b19c43d54e7b9c9a376825abe07e%40thread.skype/conversations?groupId=7a79f4bc-98a8-4a39-9f54-4bd47ff94f5c&tenantId=dbbf782a-cef1-4af1-86c8-1f9201061db6
    2. Administrators – Send your staff list with each member’s first and last name along with email address to amber.just@k12.nd.us.
    3. Administrators – Add teachers yourself or assign to someone within your organization to do this.
      1. To the right of CREA-Teachers Team (access from the link posted in #1), click on More options (three dots).
      2. Select “Add member.”
      3. Enter the K12 email address of the staff member – click “Add.”
      4. If they are not using a K12 email, you can still add them to the Team.
        1. Enter a valid email address – select “add ……..@……. as a guest.”
        2. Before clicking “Add” on the right hand side – look for a pencil within the email address you just entered. If there is a pencil, select it.
        3. This will allow you to edit the guest information and to properly name the guest.
        4. Continue adding the guest to the team.


Two Free Online Courses for Teachers 

North Dakota Distance LearningThis is an introductory course designed to provide ND teachers with an opportunity to learn more about distance learning and how to be a successful distanced instructor. 

K-12 Online Instructional Methods – This course is specifically designed to provide teachers with best practices and essential skills for working primarily online with students. Learners will explore how to effectively communicate, build relationships, and manage online learning. 

  • One continuing education credit available 
  • Topics: Module 1: History, current state, and future of online education. Module 2: Communication and classroom personalization in the online space. Module 3: Learning Management Systems (LMS’s) and how they can be used. Module 4: Data and Cybersecurity when teaching online. 
  • How to Enroll:   https://www.ndcde.org/sites/cde/files/documents/k12_online_methods_course.pdf 


Open Educational Resources (OER)

Explore, create, and collaborate with educators around the world to improve curriculum. Visit to www.oercommons.org to sign up.  Click here to view site tutorials, PowerPoint slides, and resources to navigate the site. 


Professional Learning for Paraeducators


NESC Online Learning Units of Instruction


Student and Parent Tech Tutorials