North Dakota State Standards

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NESC Prioritized Standards – K-12 English Language Arts and Math

The NESC is supporting implementation of the 2017 North Dakota English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics Content Standards in K-12 classrooms across the region by responding to the research regarding best practice and to member schools’ requests for a viable curriculum; a well-articulated set of knowledge and skills that can be taught for understanding in the instructional time available.  A viable curriculum can be achieved through the implementation of prioritized standards; a set of 12-20 standards per grade level and content area that are taught to a level of understanding through strategies such as introduction and teaching as new knowledge, practicing and deepening activities, formative and summative assessment, interventions and/or extensions, and reassessment if necessary. Additional time is invested in these standards to ensure as many students as possible reach a level of understanding.


The ND State Standards (NDSS) Implementation Guide ( was developed collaboratively by members of the eight ND Regional Education Associations (REAs) to help define “full implementation” of the North Dakota State Standards. It serves several functions for principals, teachers, and the REAs:

• Identify key components for full implementation,

• Establish a common language/common understanding around NDSS implementation,

• Assist schools in identifying areas for professional learning,

• And assist REAs in developing and delivering professional learning.

We hope that you will review and use this valuable resource and share it widely among educators with whom you work!