Data Collection & Analysis

All ND Regional Education Associations seek to help schools effectively collect, analyze, and interpret student achievement data. REAs help schools to effectively use data to monitor and measure student achievement and make decisions to appropriately adjust instruction to increase student achievement.



  • All schools have an assessment system and data analysis system in place that includes standardized tests, common assessments, and curriculum assessments.

  • Schools have a data team, leadership team, and/or a person in charge of their school data, with protocols in place for periodic reviews of the following:

    • Tests administered in the school

    • Purpose of tests administered

    • Calendar of assessments administered in the school

    • Monitoring of overall school performance

  • Teachers and teams (e.g., RTI/MTSS team) will monitor individual student performance


The North Dakota Educational Data Alliance (NDEDA) was formed in 2015 to assist schools with data utilization.  NDEDA collaborative partners include:

Representatives from these North Dakota agencies have been working since the Spring of 2015 to develop a number of resources and protocols for data use across the state.  For more information about this initiative and NDEDA developments please go to or contact NDEDA member/NESC Director of Professional Learning and Operations, Erin Lacina at or 701-662-7650.