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NESC Staff

Jennifer Carlson Read bio here!1Y01121

NESC Executive Director & Teacher Center Director

Sonia KnutsonKnutson 2015-16

NESC Administrative Assistant

Erin LacinaRead bio here!1Y02038

NESC Director of Professional Learning & Operations

Hilary KostuckKostuck 2015-16

NESC Business Manager

Karen PlummerRead bio here!1Y02154

NESC Professional Learning Specialist

Erin WoodScreen Shot 2016-08-29 at 6.08.00 PM

NESC/LRSC Communications/Media Liaison

Kyle Regynski

NESC Professional Learning Consultant

Julie Schuler

21st Century Community Learning Center Coordinator

Jamison Brekke Read bio here!1Y02156

NESC Technology Specialist



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